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GW Bulletin

The Office of Academic Publications is responsible for the oversight of the annual GW Bulletin preparation and publication.

The Bulletin is the Official Record of Degree Requirements

As a reminder, the Bulletin, not department/school websites or any other source, is the official record of degree requirements for a given Bulletin year’s matriculants. The Bulletin is the University’s contract with the student, and as such, outdated or unclear information can prove to be a liability to the University. Therefore, it is extremely important that you review and update all information for which you are responsible by established deadlines. Please do not assume that any of your information, including degree requirements, is up-to-date.


The Bulletin is published twice per year:

Provisional Bulletin is published May 31.  This purpose of the Provisional Bulletin is to provide timely information to incoming first-year students and their advisors. As such, it focuses on updates to undergraduate programs and non-program information.

Final Bulletin is published August 1. The final Bulletin is the official record of all academic and administrative information for the relevant academic year. Program requirements in the final Bulletin apply to all students matriculating in that year. Program changes cannot be made once the final Bulletin has been published.


Program and Bulletin page deadlines for 2020-2021

We encourage you to add these dates to your calendar and to act in advance of deadlines whenever possible.


Provisional Bulletin deadline: March 6, 2020

Programs—Undergraduate program change requests and new undergraduate program proposals due at the Academic Editor step in the workflow to be included in the Provisional Bulletin. If you wish to begin submitting graduate program proposals as well, we encourage you to do so.

Bulletin pages—Bulletin pages related to undergraduate programs as well as all non-program departmental, school, and University pages must be submitted into the workflow for the Provisional Bulletin. If you wish to begin submitting pages related graduate programs as well, we encourage you to do so.


Final Bulletin deadline: April 19, 2020

Programs—All remaining program change requests and new program proposals are due at the Academic Editor step in the workflow.

Bulletin pages—All Bulletin pages not yet been submitted into the workflow must be submitted.


Please note:

Bulletin page review: ALL Bulletin pages must be submitted into the workflow by stated deadlines, regardless of whether you have made changes. Submission into the workflow indicates that you have reviewed and approved page content. If you do not submit a page into the workflow by the deadline, your approval will be assumed, and the page will be published as-is.

You will not have access to edit your Bulletin pages after the April 19 deadline. If you have late edits that must be made, the Bulletin Team will have to make them on your behalf.


Program requirements review: We count on you to review your program requirements, even if you do not plan to make any changes. Please do not assume that degree requirements are up-to-date.


CourseLeaf closure

CourseLeaf closes for program submissions at 5:00 pm on April 19, 2020. Program submissions for the 2021-2022 Bulletin will be accepted once CourseLeaf reopens in September 2020.

CourseLeaf remains open for course submissions year-round.


Course submissions

Course change requests and new course proposals may be made year-round and there are no set deadlines for submitting courses. However, you should be alert to the fact that course submissions need time to be reviewed and reflected in Banner in time to be scheduled for registration. Course submissions should be at the Academic Editor step in the workflow a minimum of four weeks before your desired date of final approval. It is your responsibility to follow up with each approval step prior to the Academic Editor’s should there be a delay.