Proposing a New Program

The following information is required for all new program proposals entered into the CourseLeaf Program Management system.

  • College/School
  • Department
  • Level (undergraduate, graduate)
  • Effective term: The start term for new programs must be in a future term, allotting time for the routing and approval process. If you are proposing a new program during the fall semester, the earliest start term would be the subsequent spring semester. If the proposal is complex, it may require a start term that is further in the future than the subsequent term. If the proposal is not approved before the beginning of the requested start term, the start term will be advanced one term into the future. The lead time for all certificate programs seeking Title IV financial aid eligibility is a minimum of 90 days.
  • Type of program (degree or certificate)
  • Area of Study (major/field of study, minor, concentration)
  • Degree (e.g., Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy)
  • Name of program: If the name of the program is greater than 30 characters, users will be prompted to enter both a short program name and a long program name. The short program name is used in Banner; the long program name will be used in the University Bulletin.
  • Delivery mode (classroom-based, distance, hybrid)
  • Location (e.g., the GW campus or off-campus site where a program is offered)
  • Description of and rationale for offering the program including:
    • How did the department determine the need for the program? What need will it address? How did the department become aware of the need?
    • If the proposed program is replacing a current program, identify the current program that it replaces and provide details describing the benefits of the new program.
    • If this program is offered in connection with, or in response to, an initiative by a local, state, or federal government entity, include information about the initiative.
    • If another department or school offers a similar program, what is different about the proposed program? How does it complement existing programs?
  • Learning outcomes: List three to five important learning outcomes, goals, or objectives of the program (i.e., what you expect students to know and be able to do upon completion of the program). These learning outcomes will be included in the University Bulletin. See the Setting Learning Goals section of the assessment website for more information.
  • Curriculum map: Curriculum mapping is a strategy that helps to identify the courses that bear responsibility for particular outcomes and to make certain that the curriculum offers a rational sequence of courses. The curriculum should be organized so that knowledge and skills for each learning outcome are first introduced, then developed, and finally mastered. See the Curriculum Mapping section of the assessment website for more information.
  • Curricular requirements for completion of program:
    • All requirements for admission to and completion of the program, including course and degree prerequisites, general requirements, required and elective courses, and all other requirements for completion of the program (e.g., internship, thesis, dissertation). Include subject code, course number, and title for all courses. If it is a joint or dual degree program, include requirements for completion of each degree.
  • Total number of credits required
  • New undergraduate professional degrees or completion programs, graduate level degrees, fields of study, concentrations, and certificates need to include:
    • Market analysis
    • Business plan
  • New graduate certificates requesting Title IV federal financial aid eligibility will need to complete:
    • Wage analysis
    • A description of the reviews and approval steps taken to develop the program
  • New graduate certificates offered online requesting Title IV federal financial aid eligibility will be required to submit an assessment of regional or national market needs as well.

For information about and to obtain access to CourseLeaf, contact [email protected]

For more help on proposing new programs and changing existing programs in CourseLeaf see the Program Management Quick Reference Guide.


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