University Bulletin

The Office of Academic Publications has oversight of the content maintenance and publication of the University Bulletin. Contact the Academic Editor, Gina Harris, with questions or issues regarding the content of the University Bulletin.

Purpose and applicability

The Bulletin is the University’s contract with the student. As such, it is the single official set of degree requirements, regulations, and rules applicable to a student matriculating in a given academic year, from their first semester of enrollment until all degree requirements have been fulfilled. Bulletins from previous years are archived on the current Bulletin website at

Managing Bulletin content

The Bulletin comprises data from two sources. Course and program information that appears in the Bulletin is derived from that source. Course descriptions and program requirements populate that Bulletin from that database. Bulletin pages, i.e., non-course and program information, is edited directly on the Bulletin website. 

Annual review by content owners

It is extremely important that Bulletin content owners review and update all information for which they are responsible at least once per year by established deadlines. Do not assume any information, including degree requirements, is up-to-date. Publishing incorrect or outdated information can have serious repercussions for students, schools, and the University.

CourseLeaf closes for program submissions at 5:00 pm on April 14, 2023 for 2023-2024 program submissions. Program submissions for the 2024-2025 Bulletin will be accepted once CourseLeaf reopens for program submissions in August 2023. 

Reviewing and editing Bulletin pages

Bulletin pages comprise everything in the Bulletin that is not stored in CourseLeaf, e.g., school/department/program overviews, regulations, tuition, etc. Unlike courses and programs, Bulletin pages are edited directly on the Bulletin website. See the Guide to Editing Bulletin Pages for detailed instructions.

Publication schedule

The Bulletin is published twice per year. A Provisional Bulletin is published in early June. As much information as possible, including program proposals and changes, should be completed in time for the Provisional Bulletin. From that point until the final publication in July, additional updates appear on the website as they are approved.

If you have questions regarding the Bulletin contact Gina Harris, [email protected], 202-994-6310.

Program and Bulletin Page Deadlines for 2023-2024


Provisional Bulletin deadline: March 3, 2023
—Undergraduate program change requests and new undergraduate program proposals must be at the Academic Editor step in the workflow by March 3 to be included in the Provisional Bulletin. If you are ready to submit graduate program change requests and proposals for inclusion in the provisional version as well, we strongly encourage you to do so.


Final Bulletin deadline: April 14, 2023
Programs—For program changes and new programs to go into effect in fall 2023 and be included in the final 2023-24 Bulletin, requests must be at the academic editor’s step in the workflow no later than April 21. Submissions that reach the editor’s step after April 14 will be reviewed with fall 2024 as the effective date. There will be no exceptions.

Avoid having your course and program submissions rolled back: 

All program requests that cannot be approved as submitted will be rolled back to the department/school. See Avoiding CourseLeaf Submission Roll Backs for guidance.

Bulletin Page Review

Non-academic pages, e.g., regulations, financial aid, tuition, etc., should be reviewed and approved by the May 4 deadline to ensure up-to-date information is published in the Provisional Bulletin.

School, department, and program overview pages may be changed at any time. However, page owners should review and approve changes by the deadline if they wish to have them included in the Provisional Bulletin when it is published.

Admissions Pages

Admissions pages are managed separately from other pages in the Bulletin. Admissions pages can be edited at any time. Page owners should make changes to their admissions pages at and be submitted into the workflow. If you cannot access your admissions page for editing, to discuss whether the changes should be made in the current and/or next bulletin, and for any other questions about admissions information, contact Jeanne Fiander at [email protected].


Suggested Course Submission Dates

There are no established deadlines for course proposals and change requests as they may be submitted year-round. However, we strongly encourage you to submit courses by the dates shown below to have your request approved by the first day of registration:

  • For spring registration: no later than October 15
  • For summer registration: no later than February 7
  • For fall: no later than March


Syllabus template

Please use the most recent version of the syllabus template, which can be found on the Course/Program Approval page.