Forms, Guides, and other Resources


Gina Harris, Senior Managing Academic Editor: Questions regarding submitting course and program requests and management of Bulletin content. [email protected]

Gabrielle Wingate, Systems Administrator

Cheryl Beil, Senior Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment: Contact directly with questions about submitting doctoral programs.




  • Guide to Modifying, Proposing, and Deactivating Courses in CourseLeaf (PDF)
  • Guide to Modifying, Proposing, and Deactivating Programs in CourseLeaf (PDF)

University Policies Regarding Course Syllabi

Office of the Provost, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

  • Administration of Final Examinations During the Examination Period.
  • Assignment of Credit Hour Policy-(for syllabi)

Training Resources

Defining and Naming Certificate, Combined, and Executive, Accelerated, and Professional programs

  • Guidelines for Certificate Programs (PDF)
  • Guidelines for Combined Degree/ Certificate Programs(e.g., BA/MA Programs) (PDF)
  • Policies for Executive, Accelerated, and Professional Programs (PDF)