Program Approval Process

New program proposals and program change requests must be submitted through the CourseLeaf Program Management site. The University Bulletin is the only official source of information for current and prior year program requirements. Complete and up-to-date records in CourseLeaf are necessary for maintaining an accurate record of the University’s program offerings and their requirements and to list them in the Bulletin and on student transcripts.

New program proposals and program changes will not be approved retroactively. New programs or program revisions cannot be publicized to current or prospective students until approved by the Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Assessment. Program proposals and change requests, including all required supporting documents, must be submitted by established deadlines. Late submissions will result in the program or program change not appearing until the following year’s Bulletin.

Once the final version of the Bulletin has been published, the required curriculum may not be changed under any circumstances and elective options may not be removed. New elective options may be added before the start of the upcoming semester.

For additional information about program approvals, contact Gina Harris at [email protected], 202-994-6310.

For information about and to obtain access to CourseLeaf, contact [email protected].