Forms and Documents

Program Assessment

Annual Program Assessment Template

Use the fillable form for reporting your annual program assessment


Academic Program Assessment Feedback Rubric 

Use the rubric to evaluate your program's assessment. It contains the criteria that is used to evaluate program assessment reports. It is designed to provide feedback to faculty about the strengths and weaknesses of their assessment reports. The intent is to help faculty put in place high-quality assessment plans that are useful and can be used to improve annual assessments. The rubric was used and revised by CCAS faculty to provide feedback on the assessment reports submitted for A/Y 2017-18 and A/Y 2018-19. Faculty can use the rubric to help them evaluate their own assessments in a timely fashion.

Curriculum Mapping Template

Direct and Indirect Measures

GPAC or General Education Assessment

Explanation of analysis, communication, and perspective tiers assessment processes
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GPAC Assessment Templates and Rubrics

The learning objectives or outcomes for general education courses have been pre-determined by Columbian College. Thus, general education assessment reports should include how well students are meeting the prescribed general education objectives. There are separate fillable forms for each university general education requirement.

Please download the appropriate template (Word document) below to provide details of your plan to assess whether your students are meeting your course's GPAC learning outcomes. The template will assist you in organizing your assessment data for entry and submission.



Course Review:

Please download the appropriate rubric below to assist you in collecting and assessing data for your annual G-PAC assessment.