Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Mapping

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are what you expect students to be able to do upon completion of the Program. Outcomes should be written in terms of observable behavior that demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and competencies that students are expected to possess upon successful completion of the program.

A minimum of three of the program’s most important learning outcomes should be entered in the relevant field on the CourseLeaf form. Questions to consider when developing learning outcomes include:

  • What do you expect graduates of your program to know and be able to do when they complete their degree?
  • How do these goals reflect the mission and aspirations of the program?
  • What discipline-specific outcomes are required for accreditation?
  • What skills does the workforce require of new hires from this program?

Why are learning outcomes required?

Learning outcomes must be on file for every program. This includes existing programs unless up-to-date outcomes are already on file.

See Articulate Student Learning Outcomes under Assessment for more information about outcomes.

Curriculum mapping

Curriculum maps incorporate program learning outcomes and should reflect a coherent plan of study. Questions to consider when creating a curriculum map include:

  • To what extent are key program goals introduced and reinforced appropriately from course to course?
  • How well do course outcomes track with program outcomes?
  • Are there opportunities for students to organize, synthesize, and integrate what they are learning across courses?
  • Are courses suitably preparing students for graduate school or a chosen career?

When is a curriculum map required?

A curriculum map must be provided or updated in the following circumstances:

  1. for a new major or minor program,
  2. for an existing program when the required curriculum is changed, or
  3. for an existing program that does not already have a map on file.

Certificate programs require maps only if they are not connected to a degree program. Concentrations do not require maps. Only required courses need to be mapped.

Using the mapping worksheet connect required courses to the learning outcomes listed above by indicating whether knowledge and skills for each outcome are introduced (I), further developed (D), or satisfactorily achieved (A). Elective course options do not need to be included on the map.

See the Assessment website for more information about curriculum mapping.