Implement and Reflect on Action Plan

The purpose of course- and program-level assessment is to find where students are struggling and succeeding and to make adjustments to your teaching based on these findings. Thus, the assessment cycle does not end once the action plan is implemented. Rather, assessment is an iterative process in which you continue to monitor or reflect on students’ progress based on the new evidence brought about by these changes. Your reflections may lead to tweaks to the curriculum or syllabus or new insights about student learning. It might suggest the need to modify the assessment measures or rubrics to help you gather more precise or relevant information.

Assessment is a continuous process of improvement whereby student work is examined (or assessed) and used to refine and improve student learning.

Questions to consider:

  • What changes did you make to the program to address the outcomes in which students were having difficulty?
  • Have these changes been effective in improving student learning? Why or why not?
  • If you implemented an action plan in previous year(s), how successful was it in improving student learning?
  • Are there other changes you plan to make to improve student learning? How will you know if they are effective?