The Office of Academic Planning and Assessment

Assessment is an ongoing activity in any academic institution. The assessment process serves the institution by enabling reliable evaluations of its overall effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals, specifically, here at George Washington University, the central goal of student learning. While faculty measure student learning in the classroom, departments and programs evaluate their offerings to remain current and ensure that they are serving their students effectively. Co-curricular units review their programs to see that they are contributing to the learning and growth of students. Authentic assessment requires that desired outcomes are articulated clearly, measures are appropriate, and results analyzed and used to improve learning. The Office of Academic Planning and Assessment coordinates these efforts and provides support to faculty, departments, and programs. We can assist faculty members in evaluating the effectiveness of their assignments, help departments in mapping and assessing their curriculum, and work with other units to design assessments that measure the strength of their programs.

Please visit our assessment website to learn more about assessment at GW.